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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gem Show, Part 3

Last but not least - cabs and faceted stones I bought for use in my own designs. Most of these are available for custom orders so let me know if you see something you need.

Pink tourmaline cabs, 11mm and 12mm

Pink tourmaline square cabs, 10mm

Enormous rutilated quartz cab - 17.5mm x 25mm

I'm not sure what these are - the woman I bought them from called them 'strawberry quartz', but I've always thought that strawberry quartz was a solid pink, manmade simulated quartz type of material...??? I saw some at another booth that looked a lot like this and it was marked as something like 'lepidocr...something'. Anybody familiar with it?

Violet chalcedony cabs - 8mm x 10mm

Blue pietersite cabs:
Top row - two 16mm triangles
Middle row - ovals - 15mm x 20mm, 17mm x 21mm, 15mm x 20mm
Bottom row - 10mm x 17mm oval

Pink tourmaline cabs:
Upper left - 11mm x 19mm
Upper right - 9mm x 13mm
Lower left - 11mm
Lower right - 11mm x 19mm

Carved pink tourmaline roses, 17mm - won't these make the cutest rings?

This was my biggest indulgence - an enormous pink tourmaline cab that is so clear and vibrant... I may be tempted to keep this for myself, we'll see. :-)
15mm x 21mm

Another totally gorgeous pink tourmaline cab, 14mm

Sparkly blue tourmaline slices - clockwise from top left - 9mm, 16mm, 18mm, 14mm, 16mm

Druzy quartz - 10mm x 12mm

Really high quality kyanite - this was a splurge...
Upper left - 10mm x 16mm
Right - 11mm x 13mm
Lower left - 10mm x 14mm

A nice chunky, flashy labradorite cab - 13.5mm

Larimar cabs, 16mm

Big round amethyst cab - 15mm

Jackpot!!! I've been looking for apatite cabs for a while now - finally found some... 8mm x 10mm - 9mm x 11mm

Aquamarine cabs:
Left - 12mm
Upper right - 13mm
Lower right - 13mm

Another score - bi-color tourmaline - clockwise from top:
11mm x 22mm teardrop
12mm x 20mm oval
Matched pair - 10mm x 22mm rectangles
18mm x 24mm oval
Matched pair - 16mm circles (just pink)

Gorgeous, clear aquamarine cab, 11mm

I also bought a few faceted stones...

Aquamarine, 5.5mm

Blue tourmaline, 5mm

Labradorite, 8mm

Tiny little multicolored sapphires, 2mm

Eensy-weensy tsavorite garnets, 2mm


Anonymous said...

it's raining tourmalines... Lovely!!!

Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

Hi Tamara!

Wow, you sure picked some awesome stones at the show.

The 'strawberry quartz' picture that you have is actually "lepidocrocite" - See the picture of the 2nd stone from the top on this page here:

If you google the word Lepidocrocite you will find various sites that talk about this stone :)


Cori said...

stunning stones!