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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Home

I'm back from my weekend jaunt to the bay area - I had a fun and productive time at the gem show. Up next - tons and tons of photos of new beads, but for now, chicken drama.

This morning, when I let the chickens out of their pen, poor little Cally* had a horrible wound on her neck. I have no idea what happened to her - I couldn't find any blood anywhere in the pen or the chicken house. Looks like she needs to go to the vet tomorrow; for today I'm just trying to keep it clean and iodined... I hope it doesn't get infected. Poor baby.

* I finally took the easy way out and named the three new chickens after Cally, Abby, and Marji, the women at Animal Place who facilitated their adoption. :-)

I spent a looooooooong time outside photographing my new beads this afternoon. Imagine my surprise when Cally hopped up on my shoulder and stayed there for probably ten minutes during my photo shoot. I was afraid I would get pooped on, but she controlled herself.

{ best chicken snuggle ever }


Vegan Girl said...

What a sweet picture of Callie on your shoulder. She has learned to love you in just this short period of time. And I sure hope your other little birdy feels better.

Vegan Girl said...

ooops, Callie is the one with the wound. I mentioned her as your other birdy.

Jennifer said...

I hope your chicken-baby gets all patched up and good as new. That must have scared you to see her that way when you got home.

Gaby Santiago said...

Poor Callie!
self-cannibalism is actually a common among birdies. They start with a little rash (that, I'm not sure why starts) and then they start "relieving" the itch and pick, and pick!
Apply some Aloe gel. Get a leaf, scrap the outer layer and apply the inner sap.
Since Aloe is kinda bitter, the chick will avoid scratching the wound with her beak. She could use her toes but since the Aloe has anesthetic properties, maybe this can calm her down.

Iodine was a really good idea, now with Nature's help, maybe you can help Callie!

Good luck!