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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Pictures

I decided to wash my filthy car today. (Further evidence of tough economic times - I washed my car. By hand. Not at the drive-thru car wash. Shocking, I know.) Carlos 'helped'.

Bubble beard
(That's a bindi dot on his forhead - he gets them at school.)

Bubble hands

Then we played with the chickens...

Carlos chillin' with his peeps

Clara's been looking pretty shaggy these past few days - I guess she's molting?

Marji is such a snuggler!

I think she liked my vegan shirt.

Then Cally got jealous and had to get in on the action.

Rosa struttin' her stuff

and sunbathing



Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures of Carlos, You and Your extended family, Love the Bindi...

Alexandra said...

Hi Tamara,
Wow, Carlos is a beautiful child and I sure he is very smart. I love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.