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Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Things

I am feeling very fortunate today...

Last night's dinner - the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had - Daiya cheddar shreds with CSA tomato.

We live in a tiny town. Really tiny - the only businesses we have on the main drag are the post office, a tiny grocery/liquor store, and a butcher (yay! not.) - so a new business opening up is kind of exciting, and we just got a new bakery. I stopped there for the first time this morning and bought a loaf of sourdough. Isn't it adorable?

1 comment:

Nathalie Girard - Canadian Rockies Art said...

Oh yum! I really look adorable - I love bread :)

I used to live in a village of 1,500 people... and like you, we had very few businesses, and when the bakery opened next door to our house - you know where I headed pretty much every day :)

There's nothing like fresh baked bread!