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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Stones!!!

I am quite excited - I got some new stones yesterday - not just new pieces of the same things I've always had (well, yes, some of those too), but some new types of stones that I've never worked with before.

I'm 100% committed to using exclusively fair trade/ethical stones, but since I officially made that transition a few months ago, I have missed that wonderful feeling of discovery that comes with finding new stones to work with. Well, thanks to my awesome vendors, I'm riding a new-stone high once again. :-) Now I just have to find time to add the new ones to my fair trade stone directory.

ethical smoky quartzFair trade smoky quartz, 7mm

ethicalFair trade rutilated quartz, 10mm
(Yowza! Can't you just imagine this in a big old chunky gold ring?)

ethical rose quartzFair trade rose quartz, 10mm

fair trade peridotFair trade peridot, 5mm

oro verde quartzFair trade Oro Verde quartz, 10mm

ethical green quartzFair trade green quartz, 10mm

ethical grape garnetFair trade grape garnet, 6mm
(I also got some more 5mm.)

purple chalcedonyFair trade Purple Sage chalcedony cabs, 8mm


Lotta said...

Those look awesome! Is that the natural colour of the chalcedony, or are they dyed? Beautiful!

Tamara said...

That's their natural, untreated color. Pretty cool, huh?

Lotta said...

Indeed it is - I'm even more amazed now!