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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eye candy

I bought some more beautiful cabochons yesterday... they are all available for custom orders so email me if you see something you must have!

afghan blue tourmalineTriangular Afghan tourmaline cab, 7mm

rubellite tourmaline cabBrazillian rubellite tourmaline cabs, 5mm x 7mm

pink tourmaline cabPink tourmaline cab, 6x8mm

chrysoprase cabChrysoprase (I think!?) cabs, 6mm x 8mm

blue tourmaline cabsMore Afghan tourmaline cabs

pink tourmaline cabochonssome delicate little 5mm pink tourmaline cabs

madagascar aquamarine cabAquamarine from Madagascar - WOW!!!

cats eye tourmalineSoft pink tourmaline cabs, cat's eye, 5mm

pink tourmaline cabsTriangular pink tourmaline cabs


rhienelleth said...

Wow! I stumbled across your blog a week ago or so, and I just have to say how amazing I find all of your stones. You get the clearest, most beautiful gemstones I have ever seen. How do you find them?

Vegan Girl said...

The soft pink tourmaline cabs are too die for. I can't wait to see what you come up with using those!

JudyM said...

The aquamarine is absolutely beautiful! The rest are, as usual, gorgeous, also. Some of them look like the ones you got when we were down there.