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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sneak Peak

New beads arrived on Friday, and I got them photographed today. I'm not sure when I'll have time to post them in my bead shop, but here's a teaser...

smoky quartz facetedBig smoky quartz marquis briolettes

pink tourmaline nuggetsChunky faceted tourmaline nuggets with lots of pink!

lemon quartz rondellesFaceted lemon quartz rondelles

faceted labradorite beadsVery good quality faceted labradorite beads

rainbow moonstone briolettesNice rainbow moonstone briolettes

pink tourmaline rondellesOoh! Pink tourmaline rondelles.

rainbow moonstone heishiRainbow moonstone heishi beads

aqua chalcedony briolettesAqua chalcedony briolettes

hessonite garnet briolettesStunning hessonite garnet drop briolettes

sky blue topazSky blue topaz rondelles

iolite rondelle beadsIolite rondelles

large labradorite briolettesNot sure if I should even share this picture since I'll likely be hoarding these for myself... but I promise to order more to share next time.

faceted amethyst cabochonThis one's also for me since I could only get one - a nice big faceted amethyst cab.

oval labradorite cabochonLabradorite oval cabs

rainbow moonstone cabochonsLittle rainbow moonstone teardrop cabs

rainbow moonstone cabochonsRainbow moonstone marquis cabs

rainbow moonstone cabochonsRainbow moonstone oval cabs

faceted prehnite cabochonFaceted prehnite teardrop cabs

turquoise cabochonTeensy little turquoise teardrop cabs

turquoise cabochonItty bitty round turquoise cabs

labradorite marquis cabochonLarge labradorite marquis cab

labradorite large cabLarge labradorite oval cab

labradorite marquis cabAnd another large labradorite marquis

green garnet nuggetsSome remnant beads I'll be selling at a good price - nicely textured, somewhat rough green garnet beads

More remnants to be sold as a package deal - rainbow moonstone, olive quartz, green garnet, prasiolite, prehnite, & aqua chalcedony

vintage rhinestone earringsAnd finally, some vintage rhinestone clip-on earrings that I've been wanting to use myself for some project, someday, but never have quite gotten around to using, so I thought I'd see if someone else is interested...


Gemheaven said...

Ohhhh **drool

I wish I lived in the US I'd spend a fortune - your gems are fantastic!!

Tamara said...

What are you waiting for? I ship internationally! ;-)

Caranalata said...

Where on earth do you get your stuff from? I've not found a gem supplier yet, most frustrating.

Gemheaven said...

Ohhh dooo you??????? uh oh next spend I'm a coming your way Tamara!!!