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Monday, February 25, 2008

Necklaces galore

Ah, it feels good to get somewhat caught up... although I still somehow have to find a bunch of time to list all these things in my shops, so maybe I'm not so caught up after all. Here are some necklaces I made while sitting watching movies with Carlos these past couple of days. I purchased the pendants (meaning I didn't do the metal work myself), so they were pretty quick to put together.

Pietersite & sterling silver pendant with sunstone.

Ruby & sterling silver pendant with multicolored sapphire rondelles & Bali silver beads.

Another ruby pendant, this time with pink tourmaline.

Rutilated quartz & sterling silver pendant strung on a strand of tundra garnet.

Faceted amethyst & sterling silver pendant strung on a length of multicolored spinel rondelles.

Uh oh, I can't think of the name of the stone in this pendant (can you tell my brain is feeling slightly fried tonight?)... but the little beads used in stringing the necklace are chrysoprase...

Kyanite & sterling silver necklace on a length of kyanite rondelles with Bali spacers.

Flashy faceted labradorite & sterling silver pendant with prehnite.

Spectrolite & sterling silver pendant strung on a necklace made of vasonite rondelles and cool little Bali silver beads...

...and another view of the same that shows the flash of the stone a bit better.


Anonymous said...

Love the Kyanite and Sterling silver.

Absolutely stunning!!!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Oh my, I need all the willpower I have to stay away from your shop! My fave is the labradorite stone with prehnite (though luckily I already have a similar one that you made too....)