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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Work

I'm actually planning to set an Oregon sunstone in the center setting of this ring, but I couldn't resist temporarily placing a moissanite there in the center, just to see how it would look. I love it! The center stone is 6mm (as compared with the 5.5mm stone I used in an earlier, white gold version of this design), and that half-mm really packs a punch - this one is a real sparkler!

moissanite rose goldThree-stone engagement ring, moissanite and recycled 14k rose gold

ethical engagement ring


Maggie said...

I check in every week to see your latest designs and they continue to amaze me and exceed expectations.

I'd love to see what a square bezel would look like on some of your pieces. I know you've done one or two of those in the past, but they haven't come around lately in your designs.

Velma said...

Hi, Tamara! I've been admiring your work for a while and I really love the look of the three stones in rose gold. I'm wondering what the profile is like - I work in an industrial building that's been turned into an art gallery, and a high profile ring would either get filthy or damaged quickly with all the installation work.
Thanks for your commitment to vegan causes, too!

Tamara said...

Thanks Maggie and Velma.

Velma, this photo shows the profile a bit better. They don't stick up too far, and the tapered tube setting does a much better job of protecting the stone than a prong setting would.

Take care.

JudyM said...

Gorgeous ring! I think it would be striking with an Oregon sunstone in the center, also.
Your vision and talent continue to grow!

jerilouise said...

I love this ring!