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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Okay, I know I'm a little late to the game - many of my readers have probably been practicing yoga for years, and/or have moved on to pilates, yogilates, and all forms of advanced body-bending techniques that I can scarcely imagine. But I've just started getting serious about yoga quite recently, around the time that I started running longer distances. I could feel that my body was getting really tight and needed to be stretched. But for various reasons (drive time, frugality), I wasn't enthusiastic about the idea of going to a yoga class at a gym, so I bought this awesome book.

It has two programs - one for beginners and one for intermediate practice. I'm still doing the beginning program but may try the intermediate soon. The book has a spiral binding and is constructed in such a way that it can stand up, easel-style, for ease of use during practice.

I can definitely feel a difference in my body since I started using this book - my muscles feel looser, and I feel more relaxed in general. Matt has even been joining me sometimes - we do yoga in the evenings after Carlos goes to bed. Anyhoo - just thought I'd pass along the recommendation in case anyone else has been thinking about giving yoga a try.

I had such a wonderful yoga session this morning - I took my mat out on the front deck, and was surrounded by chirping, chattering, tweeting, humming birds, and the indoxicating scent of the honeysuckle vines I planted next to the porch stairs last year, but which are blooming now for the first time. A great way to start the day!

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