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Friday, June 1, 2007

Eat Less Meat to Save Planet, Government Says

In vegan news today:

LONDON - Eating less meat and dairy could help tackle climate change by reducing the amount of methane gas emitted by cows and sheep, a government agency says.

In an email leaked to a vegetarian campaign group, Viva, an Environment Agency official expressed sympathy for the green benefits of a vegan diet, which bans all animal product foods.

The official said the government may in future recommend eating less meat as one of the "key environmental behaviour changes" needed to combat climate change.

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Vegan_Noodle said...

Way to go Britain! I blogged about this news leak as well, but the news story I saw took a negative spin on it...obvious when the source is Check it out at:

Tamara said...

Eww. Strange how that story ends with some meat industry guy saying that "from an environmental point of view there was a case that more intensive farming of livestock could actually play a beneficial role for the environment," but no elaboration??? I imagine that would be a viewpoint that would be pretty hard to support under scrutiny. :-) What a bizarre site - I was tempted to cast a vote in the "Vote for your meat industry Personality of the Year" though. Ha ha.