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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Would anybody ever actually wear this?

Okay, I think this is super cool, but too gigantic for me to wear myself... is it just too insanely huge to ever actually be worn, or will someone fall in love with it and wear it? What do you think?

Enormous smoky quartz cocktail ring
with cloudy aquamarine, Swarovski
simulated pearls, and sterling silver:

Sorry about my ugly hands... just wanted to show the scale. :-)


Calyx Ann said...

Someone will definitely wear this, although their hands may be larger:)

Tamara said...

Yeah, my hands are pretty little. :-) I was aiming for it to turn out as about a size 7-1/2 but neglected to account for the beads overflowing on the back side so it's only a 5-3/4.

Dana said...

I just love seeing your entries on my bloglines b/c I always say OOOH out loud! There are people who love huge jewelry out there. Keep it in circulation, and it will find a home.