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Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Pictures

I feel like I am a slacker for posting so many pictures lately and not much content, but oh well, pictures are pretty, right? I haven't had any vegan recipes to post in a while because lately all the new recipes I try suck. How irritating. But here are some heartbreakingly beautiuful pictures that my dear friend Kristina took of Carlos at the beach. Awwww...

Hopefully I will be making some fun new stuff (of both the edible and wearable variety*) in the next couple of days and will be able to post about that.

* Get your minds out of the gutter, people - I'm talking about vegan food and fancy jewelry.


Adorned by Morgan said...

What a cutie! That beach looks warmer than it was this past week in San Francisco, I guess the bay gives off some chill.

Just wanted to say hi via blog=)

Also, if I want to switch my mail to stop the "no mail" option for EtsyVeg, could you explain how to do it?

Not sure where to look!

Amanda said...

How cute !!!! Great pics and thanks for sharing.

Tamara said...

Our bay (Humboldt) gives of plenty of chill too. I don't think it was too terribly warm that day but with a sweatshirt on, it's pleasant. I'll email you about your etsyVeg question. :-)