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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shopping Spree!

I went shopping yesterday and really went overboard! I got some awesome new stones for my bead shop, and miraculously managed to get them photographed and uploaded to give you a sneak peek today. I have a craft show this Friday and Saturday so I won't get a chance to list these on Etsy for a while, so I guess this is just a teaser...

Huge ruby rondelles, 5-9mm

Sapphire rondelles, 3-4mm

Faceted sunstone rectangles, 10-14mm

Tourmaline marquis briolettes, 14-21mm

Barrel faceted tourmaline ovals, 10-13mm

Labradorite briolette drops, 9-11mm

Lemon quartz marquis briolettes, 19-23mm

Lemon quartz barrel faceted twisters, 15-17mm

Pink opal marquis briolettes, 16-18mm

Prehnite marquis briolettes, 13-18mm

Smooth golden opal rondelles, 11mm

Gigantic green garnet faceted nuggets, 14-18mm

Smooth graduated fancy jasper rondelles, 8-14mm

Kyanite heishi beads, 5mm

Smooth kyanite rondelles, 7mm

Amethyst pear briolettes, 11-14mm

Large faceted aquamarine rondelles, 9-10mm

Peruvian blue opal flat oval-ish beads, 9-14mm

Faceted chrysoprase rondelles, 3-4mm

Citrine marquis briolettes, 12-16mm


Anonymous said...

I just can't wait! So much beaituful stuff!!! This is going to be expensive... :)

Sharon said...

They are so amazingly beautiful. Sad they aren't getting listed at your beadshop sooner.