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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cabs, beautiful cabs...

New cabs! I went shoppin' yesterday and here's what I found... (all are available for custom order rings unless noted otherwise)

The biggest pink tourmaline cabochon I've ever seen
(14mm x 16mm, 16.5 carats, and tentatively spoken for)

{another view}

Aquamarine {these cabs are so luminous! very pretty...}

Triangular pink tourmaline

Brazilian blue-green tourmaline

Brazilian pink tourmaline


Afghan tourmaline


Anonymous said...

where do you find these gorgeous cabs??

Anonymous said...


Mamacita said...

that brazilian pink tourmaline would make a beautiful ring for me.....size 10ish?

Tamara said...

I can do that Ms. Mamacita. Let me know if you have any preferences as to style. Otherwise I'll make something up and if you like it you can buy it. :-)