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Thursday, March 6, 2008


I think I might have finally resolved my shoe conundrum. They are not my favorite ever, but they're pretty cute, and they fulfill all of my requirements (vegan, closed toe but still some element of 'strappiness', some heel but not too high since I am not so graceful). What do you think - should I order them? The wedding is only two weeks away so I need to do something. If I don't buy these, I guess I have to schlep myself over to the mall - yuck.

(Those of you who don't follow the minutiae of my barely-existent fashion life, they are to wear in a wedding with this dress and these stockings {maybe, if I like them with the dress and shoes when I try it all on together}.)


Anonymous said...

Shoes looks great!!! Fashion life with a toddler is a project in it self..

girl least likely to said...

i love them! i think they'll look fantastic.

JudyM said...

I like them too! I think the stockings and dress should both go very well with the shoes.

Andrea said...

Wow, you are gonna look HOT! Shoes are great and I can see you wearing them again to spice up jeans, etc. You'll have to post photos :)