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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Rings

Well, my little time management experiment was mostly successful. I have a little over a dozen rings in the completed or nearly completed stage, and about eight more in the half-finished stage. I'm just about caught up on custom orders, which is a relief, but now I have to find time to fill all the new orders I got in the last few days - eek! Hopefully Carlos will nap today and I can at least get my bead orders shipped - jewelry orders may not go out until tomorrow.

Here are a few of the rings I've finished so far, to be listed in my Etsy shop whenever I can find the time...

prehnite ringPrehnite & sterling silver ring, size 9 (maybe spoken for already; I'm not sure though)

labradorite ringFaceted labradorite & sterling silver ring, size 9.25

pink tourmaline ringPink tourmaline & sterling silver ring, size 8.5

pink tourmaline ringAnother pink tourmaline & sterling silver ring, also size 8.5

aquamarine ringCustom order cloudy aquamarine & sterling silver ring

1 comment:

MyArtInProgress said...

Wow your rings are beautiful! Especially the aquamarine and silver one.