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Monday, March 24, 2008

Etsy front page today!


Vegan Girl said...

Wow congrat, how many times does this make it for you?

Tamara said...

I have no idea, but it's a thrill every time, especially this time since I'm in the first spot! :-)

de Cor's said...

just wondering... do you check Etsy front page every now and then or they will notify you when you made it to the front page?

and, A Big Congratulations to you! :)


Tamara said...

No, Etsy doesn't notify you; if you care about it, you just have to check all the time... I don't remember to check all that often - this time, a fellow Etsian, kerrihale, was kind enough to let me know I was there. :-)

de Cor's said...

That's very nice of Kerrihale! ^^ Once again congratulation!