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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gem Show, Part 2

Okay, this post will show the beads I bought at this weekend's gem show that will be listed in my Etsy bead shop soon...

Moss aquamarine briolettes, 6-8mm

Tourmaline heart briolettes, 7-8mm

Swiss blue topaz briolettes, 6-8mm

Tumbled citrine nuggets, 10-13mm

Chunky garnet nuggets, 9-14mm

Awesome kyanite barrel beads, 10-12mm

Big, flashy labradorite briolettes, 12-14mm

Pink amethyst cubes, 7-8mm

Gorgeous, gemmy andalusite, 7-8mm

Apatite pear briolettes, 8-10mm

Aquamarine cubes, 6-7mm

Polished aquamarine nuggets, 15-25mm


jarsofheaven said...

drooooooooool........ I'm going to your shop now to check these out!

Vegan Girl said...

The kyanite barrel beads were one of my favorites. Are you sure you want to sell them in your bead shop instead of making something out of them? They are so lovely.