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Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Little Boy is Growing Up!

Last night was Carlos' preschool "graduation" (I put that in quotes because he's not actually graduating to a new school - just finishing his first year of preschool - but they have an end-of-year graduation ceremony that all of the kids participate in regardless of age).

Here they are performing a couple of songs -

And here is Carlos receiving his "diploma". Too cute.

I think it was all kind of bewildering for him, but fun.

Speaking of how much Carlos has grown, I took this picture of him with his Grandma last night after graduation -

(That blue thing on the counter is my new cupcake courier; it rocks!)

And here's the same pose about a year and a half ago -

Besides being way bigger, you can tell from the pictures how much more relaxed and happy he is now (the picture above was taken within days of us bringing him home from Guatemala).

Here are a couple more cute pictures from last night -

Oh yeah, and I made a yummy salad to bring to the potluck after the graduation. I have a few tweaks to make before I share it, but it was really good. Stay tuned for details.


Vegan_Noodle said...

He looks so happy!! They were so cute singing, although I couldn't understand a word of it :-)

Vegan Girl said...

I love how Carlos can't stand still in the first video :) He likes to dance and entertain huh?

And how adorable he is at his graduation.

shayoa said...

Your life makes me happy. :o)

One day, when I'm livin' in hawaii, I too will have ducks and chickens. And grow things. It will be glorious.