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Friday, June 13, 2008

New Cabs

I went shopping today! Here are some new cabs, most of which are available for custom orders.

Afghan blue tourmaline cabs

Hessonite garnet cab

Peridot cab
(I love this pale version of peridot!)

Peruvian blue opal cab

Large California pink tourmaline cabs

Blue-green tourmaline cab

Golden opal cabs from Nevada

Cat's eye blue tourmaline cabs

Mexican fire opal cabs

The same cabs from another angle - check out those swirls in front! Reminds me of an orange creamsicle...

Large trillion cut blue-green tourmaline cab

A few tourmaline pendant beads; these are something new - they are drilled for stringing. I should have fun making some cool necklaces with these!


Vegan Girl said...

Say What? You went shopping after our little expedition? Didn't get enough? Ha Ha Ha

CatherineS said...

What beautiful stones!! I wish i had a stone cutter nearby where I could go shopping! I love that peridot!