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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Pendants

Two pendants completed today... not sure if I should try to sell them as pendants alone, string them on chain, or on beaded gemstone necklaces. What do you think?

green tourmaline pendantGreen tourmaline with oxidized sterling silver (recycled, except for bail)

green tourmaline necklaceThis stone is much livelier and more sparkly in real life...

Kind of a cruddy picture, but I wanted to show how the light shines through the open back (forgot to take a picture of the back; I should do that).

pink tourmaline pendantPink tourmaline with oxidized sterling silver (recycled, except for bail)

pink tourmaline necklaceThis is one of the nicest, clearest, largest pink tourmalines I've had the great fortune of finding from my local supplier. The stone was mined in Southern California.

Another blah-ish picture, with the same goal of showing the light shining through.


Robin Marie said...

I vote for chain or nothing. I think they're gorgeous pieces that should get to shine on their own!

Anonymous said...

Wow, both lovely, but the green is my favorite. I say chain or nothing, also--I am a pendant-and-chain kind of gal.

Rebecca said...

I agree with Robin and Liz. Simple chain - leaves the focus on the lovely pendants.

Anonymous said...

Simple chain