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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Family Day at the Beach

My eight-year-old nephew, Calvyn, is in town this week and I think Carlos is in love. Whenever Calvyn is around, Carlos toddles around with a big goofy grin glued to his face and giggles nonstop. It's pretty cute. Today we took the kids to the beach, along with my dad and grandparents, and a couple of dogs (not ours).


Robin Marie said...

He is so adorable it makes my heart swell up like a balloon. There's nothing quite so precious as watching a child be deliriously happy, be it due to mud, puppies, or a new best friend:)

JudyM said...

Wonderful pictures! Did you notice the line of pelicans over the waves in the background between Calvyn in the water and Matt and Carlos running out of the water (the first photo)? It looks like everyone is having fun. It's been so long since I've seen Calvyn. He's really growing up. As usual, Carlos is just too cute!
Love, Judy