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Monday, July 23, 2007

Prehnite and Sterling Silver Ring

Prehnite is fast becoming one of my very favorite stones to work with. I'm totally mesmerized by its luminosity and gorgeous color. I'm particularly fond of the strands of faceted AAA prehnite rondelles that I recently bought with the intention of selling in my bead shop - so fond, in fact, that after selling just one strand, I took them off-line so I can have the rest all to myself. They have the best color range I've seen so far, going from yellow to green to an almost aquamarine-ish blue. Well, here - I'll just show you the beads, although my picture doesn't really do them justince.

Anyway, I used these beads in vegan_noodle's bridal jewelry, and in the wire wrapped rectangular labradorite cab necklace I put together recently, and now most recently in this new ring I made last night.

I started with a plain square, hammered sterling silver ring band (purchased elsewhere; unfortunately I'm not a metalsmith - yet), then used very thin sterling wire to attach about 20 of these prehnite gemstones in a chaotic, clustered mass. I'm going to wear this one for a few days to test its durability before I add it to my shop, but hopefully, if it passes the Tamara torture test, you will be able to find it there within about a week.


Vegan_Noodle said...

What a cool looking ring, I love those stones!

earthcharms said...

Prehnite is one of my big obsessions right now as well. Really cool looking ring you made there!

Anonymous said...

I love that ring so much. My mom is currently at the Tucson gem show, and when she called me I told her to find me some any form. I'm totally in love with it and I feel that it is VERY special. There is just something about that stone. I like that not too many people seem to know that much about it.