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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What I'm Excited About Today:

1. I found out that our local recycling center has a big stash of used bubble mailers that they give away for free. I've been troubled lately by the wastefulness of buying box after box of new bubble mailers that will probably all end up in someone's trash, and now I don't have to fret anymore! The larger ones will be cut in half, and I'll stick a new label on and probably enclose a small note for my customers explaining my environmental reasons for reusing envelopes. I know it's not as pretty but hopefully people will appreciate the motive behind it.

2. Every so often, I eat something without it even dawning on me to check the ingredients for non-vegan substances (such as Planters dry roasted peanuts - who would ever think to check for gelatin???) - anyways, a few years ago I met and fell in love with Altoids cinnamon mints... that is, until I found out that they too contained gelatin. I was disgusted and never at them again - blech. But today at the natural foods store, I found these.

Yum!!! (And in case any of you non-vegetariand are confused about why gelatin is a no-no, it is made from animal bones and tendons and things like that.)

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winterskeeper said...

OMG - we have Planter's dry roasted peanuts in our cupboard right now. I had NO idea - YUCKO!! Gelatin grosses me out big time. I have got to read more labels. Thanks for the post.