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Sunday, September 23, 2007


I went shopping yesterday and did some serious damage to my bank account, all in the pursuit of beautiful beads for you all! Here's a sneak peek at what I bought. I will be working on getting everything listed in my bead shop this week. (If you see something you must have now, email me and I'll try to get it listed sooner rather than later.)

Tourmaline round beads

Tundra garnet rondelles

Spinel oval beads

Spinel rondelles

Sunstone rondelles

Enormous tourmaline marquis briolettes
(It's probably mean of me to even post that picture since I'm planning on keeping these for myself...)

More tourmaline briolettes

Hessonite garnet briolettes

Lemon quartz briolettes

Pink opal briolettes

Large natural (undyed) ruby rondelles
(Again with the mean - I'm keeping these puppies.)

Smaller ruby rondelles

Amethyst briolettes

Peruvian blue opal briolettes

Enormous Peruvian opal faceted nuggets

Slightly smaller (but still quite large) Peruvian opal nuggets

Chrysoprase briolettes

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