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Friday, September 28, 2007

More Labradorite Rings!

Round labradorite ring #1, 18mm stone, size 6

Round labradorite ring #2, 16mm stone, size 5.5 {sold}

Rectangular labradorite ring, 12mm x 16mm stone, size 8

... and another view of the same ring

I've been getting quite a few requests for custom rings, so I thought I'd post a picture of some other cabs I have available to make into rings. Most are labradorite, with a couple of moonstone thrown in as well.

Oh, and I also have plenty more of the rectangular cabs like the ring above. (That's my first attempt at a rectangular bezel and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, what say you?)

I've been feeling frustrated in my attempts to find other cool stones for ring making through mail order outlets or sucky ebay, so I've decided I'm going to make the 3-1/2 hour drive down to Santa Rosa in two weeks to go to what I hope will be a good gem show, where I can stock up on lots of cool stones. I'm hoping to find a variety of different types of stones, since I'm obviously a little heavy on the labradorite right now and not much else.

Also, for anyone who may be thinking about ordering a custom made ring, I have some really amazing round cabs on the way - faceted prehnite, both faceted and smooth lapis, smooth lemon quartz, and smooth rose quartz, plus some nice round labradorite. Hopefully they will arrive in about a week; when they do, I'll post pictures.


girl least likely to said...

beautiful! i love the rectangle! good thing you haven't made anything in a size 5 yet. ;)

Tamara said...

Ah, I'll have to make that next! :-)

Vegan Girl said...

I also like the rectangle ring. It's really beautiful.