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Friday, September 7, 2007

Rectangular cabs in stock

Here are the rectangular cabs I currently have in stock for making wire-wrapped rings.

The picture turned out a little glarey (sorry), but here's what I have:
  • Top row: turquoise (with and without dark matrix)
  • Second row: Peruvian blue opal
  • Third row: four charoite cabs, then a pink opal cab and a vasonite cab
  • Fourth row: a moonstone cab, two larimar cabs, and three denim lapis cabs


JudyM said...

I wish I could wear wire rings...all the stones are pretty, but there are a couple that I really, really like. Maybe when we're there for Christmas, we can talk about it some.

Rachel said...

Those cabs are just beautiful. I'm getting ready to make my grandpa a bolo tie soon, so I will have to check your store out.