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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yesterday was an exciting day... I got my metal workshop 95% set up and started working on a couple of new pieces, plus I got a bead delivery. The excitement was overwhelming! Hopefully in a few days, once I buy a buffer and get it set up, I will have several new bezel-set rings to show you. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at my new beads and an couple of new jewelry creations...

I finally found a good source for rectangular labradorite cabochons, so anyone who might have been waiting to be able to buy a wire wrapped labradorite ring is in luck! I'm not planning on selling these in my bead shop because I need them all for myself, but if anyone really loves them, I can always order more.

These green amethyst (prasiolite) marquis cabochons are also for me - I'm planning on making earrings and rings out of them. Fun! This is the first time I've bought any green amethyst, although I've been salivating over it for months.

More marquis cabochons for me to make earrings and rings out of, this time in labradorite - my favorite!

Gorgeous prehnite briolettes, to be listed soon in my bead shop.

Tiny sapphire rondelles, to be listed soon in my bead shop. SO pretty!

Enormous smoky quartz cushion briolettes, to be listed soon in my bead shop (not many though because I think I'm going to hoard most of these for myself - they are so very pretty!!!)

Chunky faceted tourmaline nuggets, to be listed soon in my bead shop.

I found more vasonite!!! (or is it vessonite?) This time in briolette form, to be listed soon in my bead shop.

I've carried these before and they sold like crazy, so I ordered more. Aren't they gorgeous? Amethyst marquis briolettes, to be listed soon in my bead shop.

Another bead that has been very popular in the past - aqua chalcedony briolettes, to be listed soon in my bead shop.

Gorgeous, color-saturated lemon quartz, to be listed soon in my bead shop.

A simple little pair of Swarovski pearl (vegan) earrings using my new handmade goldfilled earwires.

Yet another Eni-style wire wrapped ring, this time in denim lapis with goldfilled wire.

Whew! Don't be surprised if I'm a little reclusive over the next few days - I'm planning on spending every spare moment in my new workshop! Hopefully I'll have some fun things to post around the weekend.


JudyM said...

Tamara, I'm continually surprised at all the different, beautiful kinds of beads you find! Have fun with your new shop; I'm looking forward to seeing what you make. The pearl earrings and ring on this post are beautiful, as usual.

carrie said...


You are making me drool! This is frenchroast from Etsy- I found your blog, and I love your new stuff.

Your son is adorable, BTW. He inspired me to go out and get some finger paints the next time I'm at the store. :)

Rebecca said...

Getting everything set up is SO exciting. I can't wait to see the pretty new things you come up with!