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Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Fabrication Fun

Yesterday was the last of my three beginning jewelry fabrication classes at Unauthorized Art. We had a blast, as usual. It looks like there might be an intermediate class coming together in December, which would be great. In the meantime, the bulk of my supplies for setting up my own workshop should arrive this week so I'm looking forward to getting that all set up and doing some work on my own.

Yesterday in class I made this big Peruvian blue opal ring. In addition to loving the stone itself, I'm particularly happy with the way the design for the ring band and the back of the ring turned out. It was one of those happy instances when what you visualize in your mind actually works in real life, which is often not the case with jewelry design (at least in my experience). :-)

I'm off to list this in my jewelry shop... now the interesting thing will be seeing if I can sell these for enough money to recover my costs and make it worth my time; fabricating your own bezels and finishing everything really nicely is incredibly time consuming!


Robin Marie said...

Your stone is set perfectly! Nothing drives me crazy more than bezels. I just got my own workspace is the studio at school, and I'm so excited to start working in it. Yay for metal!

Vegan Girl said...

Wow you did an amazing job on the ring. I love the back of it too. It is just as pretty as the stone itself.

Flower said...

It's so incredibly beautiful!