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Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Furry Friends, and a Contest

On the way home from the gem show, I stopped and met with Lauren from North Star Rescue and ended up adopting three sweet little rescued rats.

Hangin' in the rat hammock

'Can I come out and play?'

These three little cuties are all black and white, with nearly identical markings. They are friendly, sociable, and curious, and lots of fun to watch and to play with. They have a nice spacious cage out in my studio. (I think the dogs would terrorize them if they were in the house.)

Now comes the contest... these girls need names! They had been given names at the rescue, but I wasn't in love with them, and they didn't know them yet anyways, so I'm going to start from scratch. I seem to be drawn to old fashioned, quirky, feminine names, like Petunia, Blanche, etc. I think I might want to have the names all go together somehow (like all 'P' names to go with Petunia, or Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose from the Golden Girls), but I'm really open to anything, so give me all the ideas you've got!

Everyone who leaves a comment on this post with name suggestions for the newest members of our family will be entered in a drawing to win a $25 credit good in either my bead shop or my jewelry shop. I'll select the winner at random.


radioactivegan said...

I always think "Sputnik" is a great name!

Although, I also like the P-petunia-streak. Maybe Petunia, Penelope, and Persimmon?

Either way, they are so cute! Congrats.

lauren bacchus said...

Awe! They are so cute. How about Clementine, Constance and Cordelia?

Kristin said...

This is fun! How about Maude, Hazel, and Winifred?


Sara said...

I love Petunia! I'm going to go with three flower names that start with P - Petunia, Poppy and Pansy. I also like Peony. Your favorite three out of four!

ButterflyBeading said...

I was thinking about characters from the animated movie "The Secret of Nimh"

Mrs. Brisby, Nicodemus, and Auntie Shrew

I love that movie!

Nicole said...

These are all good names so far! I like the P names too... :) How about a flower theme? Petunia, Peony $ Poppy?

Kristinabollmann said...

Huey, Louie and Dewie

Vegan Girl said...

Dorothy and Blanche were both my grandmothers names :)

Anonymous said...

I just recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying the photos of your beautiful work.

The old-fashioned flower names seem to be back in style--how about Rose and Violet to go with Petunia?

Vegan Girl said...

How about:
Emma, Elouise & Eleanora
Abagail, Ava & Amelia
Rose, Ruby & Rachel

Lee said...

My grandmother's name was Minnie Etta (first & middle name). She had 4 daughters named Blanche, Grace, Lillian and Gladys. When I was a teen I used to call my Aunt Gladys "Aunt Happy Bum" she had a get the idea! She thought it was funny!
How about Maude, Mabel & Minerva.

maryeb said...

Adorable. I never knew there were rat hammocks. How about Hope, Faith, Joy.
That's what I think of when I think of rescued animals.

jarvenpa said...

Esperanza, Estrellita, and Paz.

Or Primrose, Petunia, and Pulsatilla (which is probably spelled wrong; the little prairie windflowers, also a homeopathic remedy).

They are very cute; my kids talked me into getting ratsies many years ago; we saved two who were to be fed to a snake at the local pet store. They were infants, little pink things, two girls. Wonderful and responsive animal friends. They grew up to look much like your batch--dark grey and white, all whiskers and delight.

Julie said...

Blanche, Jeanne, Louise.

I adore these names, which are sweet grandmothers' names in France :)

Just in case you need more : Philomène, Margot, Joséphine, Adèle, Blandine, Ninon, Léonie, Marguerite... I could go on, but I'm wondering if these are easy to pronounce in English ?

chinababe2004 said...

Awwww - they are so cute!

How about naming them after the three Powerpuff Girls - Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The Powerpuff Girls kick some serious butt for the good of all. Three little girls as super heroes - I like it!


Vegan Girl said...

Hildigard, Henrietta & Hazel

Tamara said...

VeganGirl, I already have a dog named Hazel. :-)

Jarvenpa, I like your idea of Esperanza, Estrellita, and Paz - Paz is 'peace', right? and is Esperanza 'hope'? I don't know what Estrellita means...

I'm also still liking Petunia, either with other floral themed names, or just other 'P' names, like Penelope and/or Pippi.

Thanks for all the great suggestions! Keep 'em coming!


jarvenpa said...

Paz is "peace" Estrellita (though my Spanish is poor) is I think "little star", and Esperanza is indeed "hope".
I knew a small rat named Estrellita once; she was quite a character.

the little one said...

Sassy, Spunky, and Snuffleupagus

Sweety, Sweaty, and Slimy (okay, not serious)

Peacock, Penelope, and Paprika

I'm having too much fun.

Sneaky, Scary, and Sunny

Andromeda (Andy for short, of course), Abacus (Abby for short, of course), and Atmosphere (Attie for short, of course)

Harry, Hermoine, and Hagrid

I'm sure you want me to stop now ;)

Anonymous said...

*Petunia, Pandora & Prudence
*Petunia, Patience & Pearl
*Petunia, Precious & Primrose

I've never suggested rat names before!


how about reep? Reepicheep was the valiant mouse from Chronicles of Narnia. I had a hamster named reep.. a few years ago before the movie came out

You could go star wars.. Leigha Amidala and Padme
And there is always Pinky and the Brain!! lol what a way to get revenge!! :) Congrats on your sweet little loves!


also pasquelina for little easter.. and easter being a new life! to go with petunia..

winterskeeper said...

Mabel, Mathilda & Maude

Parsley, Sage & Rosemary

jerilouise said...

I love many of these ideas. What a bunch of creative people. I don't want to be in the running for the prize, but give you some ideas along the line of grandmother names: Louise, Lillie, Josephine, Verna, Violet, and Mary are all in your family tree.

Jen said...

Hi Tamara - What about these...


stacey said...

i'm going with dahlia, violet, and rose

how could i resist the flowers

Tamara said...

Okay, I'm not 100% sure yet, but I'm leaning towards Petunia, Violet, and Rosemary. What do you think? :-)

maryeb said...

Petunia, Violet, Rosemary. Those are lovely names, Tamara:)

girl least likely to said...

i just went through my own naming-crisis with maia, so i'll stay out of it and just say SQUEEE!!! i love them! congratulations!!