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Monday, June 2, 2008

When it rains, it pours

Well, my new blogging pattern seems to be a week of silence followed by a half dozen posts in one day. Sorry about that. The mailman delivered some beads today from a new wholesale supplier I just discovered. It's always risky ordering beads online (believe me, I feel your pain, and appreciate the trust you all place with me when you order from my little bead shop), and I was a little concerned when I opened the first little baggie -

Meh. They're supposed to be rainbow moonstone but there's very little flash at all. On the positive side, they were really inexpensive. How is it that after 30+ years on this planet, I still haven't grasped the concept of 'you get what you pay for'?

Fortunately, things got better. A lot better...

Multi stones, faceted rondelles

Peach moonstone marquis briolettes

Rose chalcedony briolettes

Gorgeous and LARGE (13-15mm) prasiolite (green amethyst) briolettes

Chunky faceted pink opal nuggets

Ametrine drop briolettes

Tiny little faceted blue-green tourmaline rondelles

Chrysoprase briolettes

Twister cut iolite briolettes

Bi-color (lemon/smoky) quartz briolettes

YUM! Intensely pink ruby briolettes

Blue shaded sapphire rondelles

Awesome (and big) multicolored tourmaline drop briolettes

Multicolored sapphire rondelles

I also got a package from my new favorite eBay seller today, including these...

Incredible smooth ruby nuggets

Teeny, tiny sapphire cabochons

Tourmaline cabs, assorted colors, 6mm

1 comment:

Lotta said...

Looking at the picture, they don't look like rainbow moonstone at all, more like a pale, yellowish prehnite. I still think they look nice, though, if the picture is anything to go by.

The sapphires look really gorgeous!