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Friday, June 27, 2008


My day began with this beautiful, delicious quiche. It was the first time I've made quiche in the several years since I became vegan, and I was not disappointed. I'll track down the recipe and post it soon, but for now you just get the teaser photo.

(That brown crustiness you see around the edges is {drum roll, please} shredded potatoes, hash brown style - what a great idea!)

Carlos' favorite person was in town today - his 9-year-old cousin Calvyn...

We went for a walk at a nearby wildlife refuge...

...isn't it pretty?

It was hazy today, even here on the coast, due to the zillions of wildfires (none of which are very close to us, thank goodness, although they did cause our much anticipated weekend trip to Farm Sanctuary to be cancelled; wah). You can see the haze in this picture, as well as an egret (I wish my camera had a stronger zoom).

We also saw this beautiful deer having a snack.

After a picnic lunch, we continued on for a canoe ride. I didn't take any pictures in the canoe, but here are the boys in the parking lot afterwards.


Vegan Girl said...

That sounds like an awesome day! Sorry you couldn't go to Farm Sanctuary. That is one place I still need to visit.

JudyM said...

Great photos! It's good to see some pictures of Calvyn, too.
Love, Judy

vko said...

What gorgeous pics- love that one of the deer, way too picturesque for words. And I always love a vegan quiche- I think it's the easiest way to fool an omni besides cupcakes!

maryeb said...

Looks like you had a lovely day. I'm going to try the recipe from your previous post. It looks very good. Thanks for sharing it.