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Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Feathered Family Continues to Grow

I think I already mentioned that we got a third duck a week or two ago, who Carlos named Polly Wolly Doodle. Well, he's been having a bit of a hard time since the original two ducks (Shannon and Dean) wanted to pick on him all the time. Today we took a chance and adopted a fourth duck in hopes that he and Polly would bond, and so far, so good!

The new duck's name is Mallow (he's on the right in the above photo), and he spent most of the day in the pen with Polly today; then in the evening we let all four ducks be together, and they got along better than any other day since Polly has been here. What a relief! I'm still keeping the two pairs separate when I can't supervise, but today felt like a definite step forward.

Oh, and here's a cute picture I took of Chuck Norris yesterday ogling the object of his desire (the crackers, not Matt's crotch) -

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Vegan Girl said...

Ah..that last part was cracking me up.