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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beady Goodness

The latest additions to my ever-growing bead stash... well, I guess it's not technically my stash since they are going to be up for sale in my shop. Right???

smoky quartz beadsSmoky quartz step-cut 'rice' briolettes

faceted carnelian cabochonFaceted square cushion cut carnelian cabochons, 10mm

lapis lazuli cabochonLapis lazuli cabochons, 8mm

smoky quartz cabochonEnormous faceted smoky quartz cabochons
(I may keep one or more of these... not sure yet.)

carnelian beadsCarnelian briolettes

faceted labradorite beadsFaceted labradorite twister rondelles

I was also able to re-stock a few things I've been out of for a while...

melanite garnet cabochonFaceted melanite garnet cabochons, 12mm

square amethyst cabochonSquare cushion cut amethyst cabochons, 1omm

prehnite cabRound prehnite cabochons, 8mm

1 comment:

bella-bijoujewellery said...

Those smokey quartz cabs are droll worthy- when might they be availible ???