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Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Beads

To be listed soon in my bead shop...

tsavorite garnet beadsTsavorite garnet rondelles

sapphire beadsSapphire rondelles

tourmaline beadsMulticolored tourmaline button beads

green tourmaline beadsFaceted green tourmaline rondelles

large tourmaline rondellesLarge multicolored tourmaline rondelles

amethyst beadsFaceted amethyst rondelles

apatite beadsFaceted apatite rondelles

chrysoprase beadsFaceted chrysoprase rondelles

peach moonstone beadsFaceted peach moonstone rondelles

apatite rondellesFaceted apatite rondelles

peridot beadsFaceted peridot rondelles


Dimitri:THE REDOLENT ONE said...

Tamara, I've tried to contact you via email, but am advised your inbox is full :) Your work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Nice Haul!!!

Tamara said...

dimitri, sorry about that. I am working on trying to figure out what the problem is with my email. Hopefully I'll get it fixed today.