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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shopping trip part one - cabochons

I went shopping with one of my local suppliers yesterday and got all kinds of fun things. I'll start with cabs and do a separate post for the faceted stones. Most of these stones are available for custom orders; get in touch if you see something you like!

pink tourmaline cabsCalifornia pink tourmaline

aquamarine cabochonsAquamarine (Nigeria)

chrysoverde chalcedonyChrysoverde chalcedony

green tourmaline cabochonsCalifornia green tourmaline

purple chalcedony cabsHolley chalcedony

afghan blue tourmalineAfghan blue tourmaline

I also decided to try re-selling some of this vendor's cabs in my bead shop. I'll be listing these soon...

aquamarine cabs for saleAquamarine, 5mm x 7mm

chrysoverde chalcedony cabsChrysoverde chalcedony, 5mm

hessonite garnet cabsHessonite garnet, 5mm

pink tourmaline for saleCalifornia pink tourmaline, 6mm

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