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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Latest Political News...

I'm not sure which is most disturbing -

Her inexperience?
  • Ms. Palin has spent barely 20 months in office in a state that has rarely played much of a role in national politics.
  • Before becoming Alaska’s first female governor, the top line on her political résumé was her tenure as mayor of Wasilla, a suburb of Anchorage with fewer than 7,000 residents.
Her positions on the issues?
  • Ms. Palin is a conservative Protestant and is a member of Feminists for Life, an anti-abortion group.
  • She has supported the teaching of intelligent design in public schools, alongside evolution.
  • She is a member of the National Rifle Association, and has said Alaska’s economic future depends on aggressively extracting its vast natural resources, from oil to natural gas and minerals.
  • She said she supported Alaska’s decision to amend its Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.
Or her tastelessly cruel decorating sense?

Look at her snuggled up to the carcass of that once-beautiful creature. So sad.

Full article at NY Times website.


Dana said...

I have to agree. I almost died when I saw a photo of her at a podium with a fox stole circling her garment - tail and all. I didn't think anyone still did that! Clearly she was not bred for national politics.

chinababe2004 said...

Oh My God. I think I'm going to puke.

Jennifer said...

Talk about pandering...
It makes me crazy that, after all of McCain's complaining about Obama's inexperience, he brings this person on his ticket.
Are republicans that easy?

beakee said...

Oh god.... that is repulsive :(

Trina said...

All of the above. I don't know what I'll do if those two win this election.

Chris said...

First, anyone who uses animal carcasses for decor has a very serious problem.

Second, does Mr. McCain think that by putting a woman on the ticket that he'll steal all the Hillary people?!? As a woman, I find that insulting on so many levels and I'm sure Hillary does too!

So this is an example of McCain's judgment? I can't wait for the debates. Biden vs. Palin. Are you kidding me?!? He'll run over her like a steam engine!

Sue said...

Dana, I hope you're right that
she's "not bred for national politics". Another VP chosen in the past as a "fresh young face", Quayle, was an embarrassment during the campaign (remember "you're no John Kennedy" ;-) and, still, that ticket won. If Hillary voters fall for this one, they should be ashamed of themsleves :-( I just hope Hillary stays active in Obama's campaign.

Anonymous said...

I think women are more sensible and they will vote for the issues and not because she is a woman.

What is more Crazy is that McCain being 72 and who has had cancer(twice) trusts her(one who has no experience whatsoever) to be the president if something should happen to him..

deevaa said...

urgh! I don't know much about American politics, but I'm completely put off by that photo!

I was wondering if you have a really nice Tofu recipe in your recipe collection? I need to stock up on iron and B12 and read that tofu is a really good source of B12, so I brought some, and I've googled a few recipes, but I'd like to try something that someone else recommends, you know?

Tamara said...

Hi deevaa -

My favorite tofu recipe right now is from the VeganYumYum blog - it's called Sweet Chili Lime Tofu -

You can make it just as she suggests, with the collards (an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K, and calcium) and quinoa (high in protein and iron), or use the tofu and sauce recipe over noodles or in a salad. I'm putting the final touches on a variation that basically doubles the sauce recipe and then tosses the tofu and sauce with a bunch of lettuce and raw bell peppers, red onion slices, cilantro, and mint. It reminds me of a favorite salad I get at a local Thai restaurant. I'll try to get that variation finalized and posted here in the next few days.

Now, as for the B12, is your tofu fortified with B12? Because B12 does not naturally occur in tofu - in fact, I don't believe it is found naturally in any vegan food source. I take a vegetarian multivitamin that contains B12 to make sure I get enough, and my soymilk is fortified with B12. Many soymilks, juices, and cereals are fortified with B12, and nutritional yeast is also a good source. I checked the nutritional info on the particular brand of tofu I use and mine doesn't contain B12.

Tofu is, however, a good source of iron, as you mentioned. Other good sources of iron include garbanzo beans (chickpeas), black beans, pinto beans, soybeans, lentils, baked potatoes, and backstrap molasses.


Anonymous said...


A good green algae drink is a good source of B12, Spirulina is a good soure. Just Buy Organic that use only plant nitrates and not animal nitrates for drying..

Talk to your health store personnel,

I use xspirulina powder.. It is vegan..


deevaa said...

Thanks for the recipes!

I think it was Tofu for iron and Seaweed/Nori for B12, in the information that I read.

In NZ we could get a really yummy spirulina drink with banana... maybe I'll have a look for it here.

Anonymous said...

That woman is a real nightmare. I wrote about her on my blog as well regarding animals and the environment. But did you also know that is against abortions even in the case of RAPE? She wants the country to respect her daughter's decision to keep her child etc., but she wants to take everyone else's right to choose away.