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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chicken Pics of the Day

Featured today for your viewing pleasure... Greta!!! Greta is a funny girl. She's usually pretty independent, and doesn't seem to share the close relationships that the other chickens do. But she's molting right now, and I've noticed that she has been a lot more sociable during her molt. I don't know if that's normal, or if so, why, but it's an interesting observation...

This morning Greta was eating some pumpkin. Mmmm....

I think she's extra-cute when she stretches her neck out. :-)

Greta's distinguishing physical characteristic is her missing toes.

This is what normal chicken feet look like -

And here are Greta's feet -

She just has cute little nubbins. We don't know what happened to her toes - it could have been frostbite or some kind of mites - hard to say. But she gets around just fine on her little stubby feet (she can even perch), and I think they are adorable.

Check back soon for more chicken and duck pictures; I've scheduled some more posts over the next week or so.


Gaby Santiago said...

Those chicks look soooo happy!
(and they are getting very chubby, maybe they need some pilates, LOL)


Anonymous said...

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This ring is very similar to the one Jodie Foster wore in the movie Contact, and I've been on a mission to find one like that for eight years. I'd like to pick one up, finances permitting.

Also, kudos on the vegan thing! I'm vegan myself, and I still count it as one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Tamara said...

Hi lonelycheez :-)

Yes, I can re-create this ring. I have some similar cabs on hand, although they may be just a tad bit larger. The price would be $64. Feel free to email me using the contact link at the top of the page and we can work out the details.