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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pics from my Farm Sanctuary visit

Gene Bauer (co-founder of Farm Sanctuary)

Emily Deschanel (star of Bones and 15-year vegan - she ROCKS!)


Aimee Dars said...

Great photos! Here in NY (Watkins Glen), our trip for the Celebration for the Turkeys was FREEZING!

Alison G said...

My husband and I love Emily Deschanel! Remember the episode of Bones with the dog fighting. Her love for animals was beyond genuine. I love her!

thanks for having this awesome blog! i'm going to make your blackberry cobbler.

how far is humboldt county from Monterey? We live in Salinas and don't know any vegans or even vegetarians.

Tamara said...

Sorry you were cold, Aimee! The weather at the CA sanctuary was beautiful! :-)

Alison, I only started watching Bones a couple of months ago (actually, when I found out she was hosting this event), and I've already blazed through every single episode - I totally love it, and I'm not even a huge TV watcher. :-) Her character also went vegetarian a while ago.

I think we are about 6 or so hours North of Monterey. Too bad we aren't closer... we don't have any vegan friends here either. :-(

Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

I love Emily and the show! Thank you for sharing all those beautiful pictures T.

Christine Ritchey said...

Wonderful pictures! I LOVE Bones! I'm totally hooked! It's wonderful to find out she's gone vegetarian. Now I love her even more!

I managed to get through Thanksgiving in a totally vegetarian manner. Cornbread dressing, cranberry jelly, brocolli and pie, pie, pie! *->