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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkeys in the News

I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of an HSUS spokesperson, images of vegan advertisements, and acknowledgment of Tofurky as a viable option in this clip on last night's NBC Nightly News. I think we're becoming more mainstream!


Gaby Sayer said...

That's great!
I don't really celebrate thanksgiving (reminds me of cruelty in many ways...) but I always welcome opportunities to promote compassion towards our little brothers.

I loved the name on the plane ticket, "turkey", one... awwwww

Thanks for posting nice news, it made my day!


P.S.:I haven't tried tofurky. Does it taste like the quorn products?

Tamara said...

I haven't tried the quorn products! :-) Tofurky is like a big round 'roast' and the outside is a lot like seitan, then it's stuffed w/ dressing. YUMMY!