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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gem Show, Part 1

I went to a local gem show yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and selection I found at several booths. I'm going to separate my findings into a couple of posts; first, I'm going to show off the gorgeous cabs I bought, most of which are available for custom orders.

rhodolite garnet cabochonRhodolite garnet cabs
Top: 6.5mm x 8.5mm; 2.27 carats
Bottom: 9mm x 13mm; 5.72 carats

green tourmaline cabochonCalifornia green tourmaline cabs
Upper left: 9mm x 16mm
Right: 8mm x 10mm
Lower left: 10mm; 3.83 carats

labradorite cabochonLabradorite cab, 19mm x 30mm

labradorite cab blueLabradorite cab, 14mm x 22mm

labradorite cabochon blueLabradorite cab, 10mm x 18mm

aquamarine cab cabochonAquamarine cabs, 8mm

pink green tourmalineBi-color California tourmaline cab, 10mm x 14mm; 8.23 carats

blue tourmaline cabochonAfghan blue tourmaline cab, 11mm x 13mm, 8.7 carats

charoite cab cabochonCharoite cabs
Upper left:11mm x 14mm
Right: 9.5mm x 13.5mm
Lower left: 10mm x 16.5mm

afghan blue tourmalineAfghan blue tourmaline cab, 8mm x 10mm, 3.55 carats

California pink tourmaline cab, 7mm x 9mm; 2.75 carats

California pink tourmaline cabs
Left: 6mm
Right: 8mm x 10mm

California pink tourmaline cabs
Upper left: 8mm x 10mm
Upper right: 10mm
Lower right: 7mm x 9mm
Lower left: 8mm x 10mm

Amazing Oregon sunstone cabs
Upper left: 8mm
Upper right: 7mm
Lower right: 7mm x 9mm
Lower left: 7mm

These labradorite cabs didn't actually come from the gem show, but they arrived in the mail yesterday and they are fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Gosh!! They are magnificent. Love the Labs and the Garnet is simply insane!!!

Linda said...

The pink tourmaline are stunning, and while it is a color I usually don't go for, the green are too.

I am starting on my first silversmithing class tomorrow and I am so excited. Your work has been a big inspiration.

Airdrie said...

Wow how lovely! I've been hunting for some Charoite cabs that 19x14 size and came across your blog. Beautiful stuff :)
I really want to take a silversmithing course. You've inspired me to go find one straight away!
Cheers, Airdrie