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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rings Galore

I had a productive few days! Some of these are custom orders and the rest will go up in my shop very soon.

Labradorite & sterling silver ring {possibly spoken for}

pink tourmaline ringPink tourmaline & sterling silver ring

prehnite ringPrehnite & sterling silver ring {custom order}

rutilated quartz ringRutilated quartz stacking ring set {custom order}

labradorite silver ringLabradorite & sterling silver ring {custom order}

labradorite jewelryLabradorite & sterling silver ring {custom order}

blue labradoriteLabradorite & sterling silver ring {possibly spoken for}

labradorite ringLabradorite & sterling silver ring

labradorite ring blueLabradorite & sterling silver ring

aquamarine ringAnother cloudy aquamarine ring {custom order}

swiss blue topazStacking Swiss blue topaz ring set

blue tourmalineAfghan tourmaline & sterling silver ring {custom order}

clover ring'Clover' ring - rainbow moonstone over resin {custom order}

blue moonstone ring'Dewdrop' ring - rainbow moonstone over resin



Robin Marie said...

They're all beautiful, but that stacked Swiss topaz is stunning! I'm blown away by how much you get done every week!

jarvenpa said...

You have been busy! These are beautiful.

jerilouise said...

I love these rings! You are right about the likeness to gum drops....yum

Anonymous said...

mmmm...i love your labradorite, so dreamy looking. i am also amazed at how much you get done; your new studio looks very nice :)