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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Home Safe & Sound

We got back from our little trip today and it's nice to be home. We had fun visiting family and friends; unfortunately I was so preoccupied with keeping Carlos happy and safe, I never really got it together to take any pictures until the guilt caught up with me this morning and I took a few cute ones in the diner where we had breakfast. Carlos, as usual, had a blast hanging out with his big cousin Calvyn, who (whom?) he idolizes.

{dog puppet eating tub of jam}

We got a nice little tour of Animal Place today when we picked up our chickens. The staff was very nice about showing us around even though it wasn't a regular tour day. The chickens did great on the way home... they were a little stinky in my car but that's not their fault of course.

We wedged 'em in between all of our luggage...

I took a few pictures this evening - they aren't the greatest, but I'll share anyways.

Front to back on the ramp, that's Rosa (the boss), Clara, and LaFonda. The ducks (whose names we've finally decided are Shannon and Dean - named after the couple who runs the rescue group we adopted them from) are swimming in the background, and the rooster is there on the ground on the right. We're having a bit of a heated discussion over the rooster's name - Matt is pushing hard for Chuck Norris and I'm madly in love with Thomas Magnum (both the name itself, and the character, and the show, ha ha).

Another shot of Rosa, LaFonda, and Clara

And here's the fourth hen, Greta, who seems to be a bit of a loner.

Aren't they cute? I'll post better pictures in a few days once we let them out into the main yard and I don't have to shoot through the fence.


Lotta said...

Oh, they are adorable! It makes me miss our chicken, we had to give them to another family when we moved from our house to a flat. I had to post a picture at Flickr just to remind me how sweet they were. Chicken are lovely people :-)

Vegan Girl said...

I'm glad you all made it home safe and sound. How cool to get a private tour of Animal Place too! The chickens look adorable. I love Greta, I always have a soft heart for the loners. Can't wait to see more pictures.