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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gem Show, Part 1

First up - beads that will go up for sale in my bead shop over the next few days, fresh from the gem show...

vessonite beadsVessonite briolettes

moss aquamarine beadsMoss aquamarine briolettes

pink tourmaline beadsPink tourmaline briolettes

green amethyst beadsPrasiolite (green amethyst) briolettes

rutilated quartz beadsGolden rutilated quartz briolettes

kyanite beadsSmooth kyanite rondelles

labradorite beadsFlashy labradorite heishi beads

kyanite briolettesKyanite briolettes

large labradorite briolettesSuper flashy, large labradorite briolettes

apatite beadsApatite briolettes

aquamarine beadsMulticolored aquamarine/beryl briolettes

green garnet beadsGrossular garnet briolettes

hessonite garnet beadsHessonite garnet oval beads

iolite beadsIolite briolettes

And I bought these for my own use...

watermelon tourmaline slicesFaceted watermelon tourmaline slices

tourmaline beadsSmooth round tourmaline beads

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Anonymous said...


Vessonite - can you please let me know the size of these? and how much would a pair cost.