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Friday, September 26, 2008

More New Beads...

6mm faceted labradorite cabs

6mm faceted rainbow moonstone cabs

8mm square cushion cut prehnite cabs

6mm faceted amethyst cabs

6mm trillion cut aquamarine cabs

10mm faceted crystal cabochons

12mm x 16mm rectangular cushion cut labradorite cabochons

13mm x 18mm faceted labradorite cabochons

Lapis lazuli briolettes

Rose quartz briolettes


Mamacita said...

Nice beads, sorry to go off topic. I need a little help. My nieces are vegetarians. I think they would love to be vegan but need some help with the nutritional aspect of being a young menstrating growing woman who doesn't eat meat. Their mom is afraid that they will be malnourished because they don't eat a well rounded vegan diet. Can you point me to some websites with recipes or some good cook books? I would like to help them out to make everyone in the family happy. Plus, I do think they need guidance as to how to properly get their vitamins and minerals, especially iron. Thanks!

Tamara said...

Christie, I'll email you directly, but in case anyone else is interested in my answers, one thing I would recommend highly is Colleen Patrick Goudrea's podcast, 'Vegetarian Food for Thought'. She has episodes on all different topics, including a lot of good nutritional info. And it's handy to just load them onto your ipod and listen while you're working out or driving or whatever. :-)