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Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have come to the sad realization that I have waaaaay more cabs and stones on hand than I am ever going to get around to using, so I'm letting some of my private stock go at really good prices, including some pieces that are a lot higher-end than what I usually sell in my bead shop. I'm posting them here on my blog first, in hopes that some of you, my lovely customers and friends, will just email me about anything you're interested in, to help save me the time of listing every single thing on Etsy.

Vessonite cab, 15mm x 18mm, $18

Vessonite cab, 12mm x 16mm, $16

Pink tourmaline cabs, 10-11mm, $50 each

Pink tourmaline cabs, 11-12mm, $60 each

Carved pink tourmaline cab, 17mm, $28 {SOLD}

Nevada variscite cab, 20mm x 34mm, $44 {SOLD}

Califorina vesuvianite cab, 12mm x 14mm, $34

Mexican fire opal cab, 7.5mm x 9mm, $14 {SOLD}

Pietersite cab, 22mm x 33mm, $36

Pietersite cab, 19mm x 41mm, $32

Pietersite cab, 20mm x 40mm, $34

Blue pietersite cab, 16mm, $14 {SOLD}

Crazy lace agate cab, 28mm x 39mm, $12 {SOLD}

Druzy quartz, 10mm x 12mm, $15

Carved green tourmaline cabs, 11mm x 21mm, $48 (set of two)

Larimar cab, 13mm x 18mm, $10 {SOLD}

Lepidocrocite cabs, $32 (set of three) {SOLD}

Charoite cab, 16mm, $20 {SOLD}

Charoite cab, 14mm x 25mm, $16

Huge citrine cab, 17mm (11mm dome), $20 {SOLD}

Carved watermelon tourmaline cab, 18mm x 42mm, $80

Bi-color tourmaline cabs, 10mm x 22mm, $34 (set of two) {SOLD}

Bi-color tourmaline cab (mostly green), 13mm x 18mm, $12

Bi-color tourmaline cab, 11mm x 22mm, $12 {SOLD}

Bi-color tourmaline cab, 18mm x 24mm, $16 {SOLD}

Faceted Oregon sunstone gemstone, 5mm x 7mm, $8

Faceted Mexican fire opal gemstones, 4mm, $12 (set of five) {SOLD}

Enormous faceted amethyst gemstone, 14mm, $86

Another huge faceted amethyst gemstone, 14mm x 17mm, $68

Faceted aquamarine gemstone, 5mm, $32

Faceted California citrine gemstone, 8mm x 10mm, $32

Faceted Oregon sunstone gemstone, 6.5mm x 9.5mm, $12

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