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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

King of the Sandbox

Carlos got his first sandbox, and he is having a great {and messy!} time with it...

carlos sandbox
carlos sandbox
While I was outside this morning taking pictures of Carlos, I was thinking how amazing it is that such pretty things can come from a garden as neglected as ours!

pink rose garden

yellow eureka rose
pink flowers

I haven't paid any attention to the yard this year, and it shows, but it's still pretty, just in more of a wild, unkempt way.

And on a totally unrelated topic - I got new jewelry cards yesterday and I'm really happy with them! All this time, I have been printing out these silly little labels that say 'McFarland Designs,' cutting each one out, and sticking it on the cards, which was not only time consuming, but didn't look that great either. Now they are colorful and shiny and pretty and I don't have to cut labels anymore! What do you think?

smoky quartz earrings

Last but not least, a teaser... in a few days I will be posting the vegan dessert recipe that I am famous for among my family and friends - it is the most amazingly delicious dessert recipe in my repertoire, and anyone you make it for will be awed and inspired by your superior vegan baking abilities. I'm not exaggerating. Check back soon, perhaps on Thursday?


Mamacita said...

Be glad you got the covered one. Someone forgot to cover up ours and we went on vacation and came back and it was FULL of cat poop. We had to replace all of the sand and clean out the whole thing with bleach. Yech. It will provide HOURS of entertainment.

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I can't wait for the recipe mmmmm.

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Ooh, I forgot, I love the new earring card, for my boutique jewelry, I do the same thing, print out clear lables and stick on things, not even jewelry cards. Still have lots left though - don't know when I'll switch over, but your's are very professional.

Robin Marie said...

He is the cutest little boy I have ever seen! Sandboxes rock, I'm sure he'll live in it for quite some time:) My brother and I always loved driving little tonka trucks around in ours, although one time my babysitter convinced me to eat a sand "cupcake" she made me. Beware evil babysitters.

Your jewelry cards look gorgeous! Additionally I wanted to tell you that I fear your bead shop will be the death of me in the near future!

Tamara said...

Thanks guys! :-)