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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have a problem.

Well, actually I have lots of problems. But the one that's troubling me today is the fact that I have SO many gorgeous stones and so many ideas of what I want to make with them, but so little time to actually create anything... sigh.

And to make matters worse, more arrived in the mail today...

really big teardrop shaped smoky quartz cabs (mine, all mine)

8mm faceted rainbow moonstone cabs
(sorry for the icky picture; white is so hard to photograph)

...and some new labradorite beads for my bead shop (plus I restocked on a few things I'd run out of - rhodolite garnet rondelles, amethyst marquis briolettes, and vasonite rondelles).

1 comment:

Mamacita said...

You have a fricken cool problem!