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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back in the Saddle

I haven't had time to try any new jewelry making techniques in a while, but today I carved out an hour to make this new ring, from a tutorial by Eni Oken. I used sterling silver wire and a square labradorite cabochon. Mine isn't as pretty as Eni's but for a first attempt I think it turned out okay. It's not nice enough to sell, but I'll wear it myself. Hopefully with a bit more practice I can make my wires look as pretty as Eni's. I was happy with the fact that it turned out the right size for the finger I was hoping to wear it on.

Here are a couple of other things I've made lately... I'm getting in the mood for summer with some big, bold, colorful things.

Yesterday I put on my saleswoman hat and visited some of our lovely local shops. I got a couple of good-sized orders from Gallery Dog and Caravan of Dreams, so now I need to switch into production mode and crank out some jewelry to fill those orders. If you're local, please stop in and say hello to the ladies at these two shops - they are really fabulous!


Monica Huete said...

Great jewellry - this ring is so beautiful and has a lovely design ...

GalleriaLinda said...

The ring is great! I like that the wire crossovers are not exactly straight like a machine did it. Very pretty!